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Howdy & welcome to
Caleb's Army!

Caleb's Army Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $2,500.00
Total Raised: $6,470.50

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 10
Members Recruited: 49

Caleb's Army rocked the 2012 Lights of Love 5K

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you

- Coldplay, Fix You

2011 was a very hard year for us. Our third child, Caleb, was born with a condition called VACTERL association- he had problems with his spinal cord, was born with no anus, had minor cardiac issues, and very complex kidney/bladder problems. It is a rare and not well understood condition. As parents, as a family, we fought for him, seeking treatment both locally and at Cincinnati Children's Hospital over 1,000 miles away from our home in Austin.

A NICU stay.
4 surgeries.
6 hospitalizations.
4 ER visits.
All in 1 year. One year.
All for one sweet baby.

In the most difficult of times, away from home, days after surgery, dealing with complications...

the Ronald McDonald House of Cincinnati was our LIGHT.

It lead us to our home away from home.

A place where we could not just sleep, but rest. A place where they didn't just feed us, but restored our spirit with strength, love, understanding, hope. A place where families stay together, fight together, and overcome together. All minutes from the hospital and ER that is your lifeline to your child. In a safe, caring environment where they look out for you because there, you're family. You're home.

Please DONATE or JOIN our team! Your donation will make a difference to families just like ours who are going through dark times, fighting for their child. We are forever indebted to the strangers whose donations and volunteer time helped us at the house in Cincinnati. We are grateful for the family, friends, co-workers and friends of friends who support Caleb's Army and our effort to give back that light and hope and home we were given.

Team Members:
Total Raised$6,470.50  
General Team Donation$3,335.00  
Bea Smith$22.50  
   John Bindel$74.00  
   Bill Bonar$18.75  
   Hope Brusevold$150.00  
   Jan Erik Brusevold$45.00  
   Mike Castillo$25.00  
   Valerie Castillo$25.00  
   Colette Clarke Torres$125.00  
   Payton Clinton$20.00  
   Ashley Davila$100.00  
   Kelly Deputy$30.00  
   Talon Donovan$40.00  
   Tara Donovan$30.00  
   John Ely$25.00  
   Kevin Ely$30.00  
   Patty Ely$25.00  
   Darla Grimes$50.00  
   Erin Jay$25.00  
   Jon Jay$25.00  
   Rachel Jay$25.00  
   Mike Killian$35.00  
   Ella Knobloch$12.00  
   Kelly Knobloch$49.00  
   Natalie Knobloch$99.00  
   Nathan Knobloch$12.00  
   Ben Lester$30.00  
   Jen Lester$30.00  
   Rich Lester$32.00  
   Sydney Lester$30.00  
   Dawn Marruchella$25.00  
   Joe Marruchella$50.00  
   Landry Marruchella$1,415.00  
   Alex Mericas$43.75  
   Caroline Mericas$18.75  
   Carol Morehead$0.00  
   Stacey Nunez$30.00  
   Ann Ray$50.00  
   Lucas Ray$30.00  
   Tara Roberts$20.00  
   Gus Rodriguez$15.00  
   Luke Rodriguez$25.00  
   Julie Schaeper-Bonar$18.75  
   Ava Smith$22.00  
   Caleb Smith$22.00  
   Elle Smith$22.00  
   Jay Smith$24.00  
   Liz White$25.00  
   Mike White$25.00  
   Noah White$15.00  

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Ronald McDonald House Charities of Austin and Central Texas creates, finds and supports programs that directly improve the health and well-being of children and their families.

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